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Frikipedia is a boring our version of Spain, it is very dull, relatively bland, obviously embarrassed, went to processed.

  • '"FUCKK MEEE!"

Nelson on it has been processed

She says a encyclopedia of "humor", "irony" and "sarcasm", but if you translate a article there to English you will see that he has no grace, she may have and more items that we, however, it is better to have a few good articles that more than eight thousand shit articles that call, it just is not worse than the version in Portuguese to [the Frikipédia], she was sued by a company named SGAE asking over 8000 dollars or euros in compensation for insults (to know that Wikipedia), at least she is no longer the beast that Inciclopedia, the version of Spain nut Uncyclopedia, La frikipedia was closed in 2006 back unfortunately to work in 2007.

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Did you know...

  • ...that there is an acid on your mouth when you eat.
  • ...if Spartans can't find their comrades, we'll find Nemo!
  • ...Wikimaniacs are banned by Wikipedia
  • ...The oldest car was a rickshaw.
  • ...Pedicabs are first known as "Pedestrian's Cab"
  • ... I don't know

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On this day...

October 7- News of millions of years ago
  • Caveman are leaving the caves, because they shit on the walls
  • Alexander the Great, met her partner sex.
  • Spaniards are known to have ass face
  • Raps are being learned (who cares?)
  • The oldest car was made (if it is old, it is clear what has been done)
  • The igneous rocks were found (and I do it?)
  • Alfalfa was found in the meadow (who are these fucking?)
  • Dwarf was modeled pro ( HAW HAW)
  • Year Faraday finished ( Hallelujah)
  • The oldest theater gala was opened (so what?)
  • Basilica horseshoe was made (beauty, and I with it?)
  • Charles "Mad Hatter" Jones was born (fuck, I do not wanna know)
  • Antiques exploded (how old is okay anyway)